Looking for the sex, drugs, and rock n roll you always wanted in classic works of literature?

You’ve come to the right place.

LIT AF Welcome

LIT AF Welcome

You’ve arrived at Ground Zero for the LIT AF podcast.

Classics works of literature are classics because they tattoo your heart. The writers who are insightful, brave, and talented enough to share their sense of loss, love, death, sex, pain, and triumph speak to us, for us even, and they let us know we are not alone.

People in every generation understand this. The classics are timeless.

But reading the classics in school is usually boring. Teachers and students aren’t free to talk about race, or sexual orientation, or the real politics of money and power without running the risk of someone making a recording and pitching a fit at a school board meeting.

That’s why we’re here.

Join me for a tour through the classics like you’ve never heard them before. Each season of this podcast is an audiobook with a twist – I comment as I go, to give you the stories between the lines.

At the end of each episode I also offer opportunities for you to participate in online events, get discounts, and become a member of the Web3 community that will choose the books I read next. You can also get more information now at litafpodcast.com.

Welcome… to LIT. AS. F*CK.

LIT AF Season 2 Episode 1

How Mary Shelley Turned Science Into Frankenstein


There’s a lot of weird going around. As Hunter S. Thompson wrote, “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” That’s what Mary Shelley did in 1816, the Year Without A Summer. Check out how a volcano, a frog, and a poet inspired an 18-year-old dreamer to create the first science fiction.

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LIT AF is a production of Dr. David Preston

Former teacher. Sometimes writer. Lifelong reader.

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